Thursday, 29 March 2012


This morning, one of the Advocate! members posted a link to an article wrote by Lucy Mangan for Stylist magazine. It was quite similar to the article slating Girlguides from the Daily Mail.
It mentioned our now 'girly' approach to Guiding, and like anticipated, it got a lot of attention. Girlguide leaders HATE reading articles like that, as an organisation they provide SO much more and I wish the article had of been about praising the Girlguides.
My wish was granted :)
I tweeted Stylist magazine saying 'Lucy Mangan's article on Girlguides is a more boring version of the Daily Mail's article' and 'Shouldn't you be praising the amazing young women that have benefited from Girlguides?'

Stylist magazine tweeted me back saying: ' We were Girl Guides ourselves! And loved it. And we celebrated Agnes Baden-Powell for her work last year:' and 'That is a great idea - perhaps we could ask our followers to tweet how the Guides helped/inspired them?'

This is exactly what happened! Using the hash tag - #beingaguide. Lots of Guides contributed to this twitter thread, Stylist magazine actually posted a new article..'  - SUCCESS! :D

The old article is still existent but not on the front page of their website:

Girlguiding UK and WAGGGS encouraged their members to contribute to the twitter trend via Facebook and Twitter - so glad I spoke up & tweeted them! :)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

#1 - Daily entry

Another sunny day in Northern Ireland, such a rare event! Its so uncomfortable sitting in school in a heavy, non-breathing uniform. Teachers are very fortunate they get to wear Summer whilst were stuck in an all year-round uniform.
Went for a run when I got in from school, the good weather put me in the mood, sadly my fitness levels are whack AGAIN! Not mention running in such heat was so dehydrating, I don't know how my friends Monica and Prawea deal with such heat on a daily all-year basis!
I'm typically pale & would burn like a crisp!

As I turned 18 while in New York, I only got my present from my boyfriend last night, one of my gifts were a vintage edition of 'The Wolf That Never Sleeps' I have read bits and pieces, but it interesting to find out more of the history of how Girlguides came out. (More to come in following blog entries).

Over & Out :)

#1 Introduction

Hi, this is my first blog entry and I hope there is many more to come.
I have decided to start a blog as I feel like my head is so full of interesting thoughts and opinions and I never get enough time with my family, friends or boyfriend to voice them all! After speaking to a friend, who is also a regular blogger, I thought this would be the perfect outlet for me and perhaps also give someone else a good read! I can probably guarantee that there may be some controversial entries but I'm open to comments! :)

Picture of myself most recently in New York at the United Nations for the Commission on the Status of Women representing the World Association of Girlguides and Girl Scouts!