Wednesday, 28 March 2012

#1 - Daily entry

Another sunny day in Northern Ireland, such a rare event! Its so uncomfortable sitting in school in a heavy, non-breathing uniform. Teachers are very fortunate they get to wear Summer whilst were stuck in an all year-round uniform.
Went for a run when I got in from school, the good weather put me in the mood, sadly my fitness levels are whack AGAIN! Not mention running in such heat was so dehydrating, I don't know how my friends Monica and Prawea deal with such heat on a daily all-year basis!
I'm typically pale & would burn like a crisp!

As I turned 18 while in New York, I only got my present from my boyfriend last night, one of my gifts were a vintage edition of 'The Wolf That Never Sleeps' I have read bits and pieces, but it interesting to find out more of the history of how Girlguides came out. (More to come in following blog entries).

Over & Out :)

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